Our Team

Ben Mahnke
CEO and Founding Partner

Ben is CEO and a founding Partner of the Room40 Group. At Room40 Group, Ben has worked with foundations, social purpose for-profit and nonprofit organizations in fields including education, youth services, civic society, fundraising, effective philanthropy, social justice and family services.

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George Chu

George joined Room40 as a Partner in October 2014 and currently serves as a Principal. As a Principal, George’s expertise spans from designing and improving market to peer analysis that helps the leaders of nonprofit organizations make better decisions, faster.

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Anna Fincke

Anna joined Room40 as a Partner in May 2016 and currently serves as a Principal. She is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Baker Newman Noyes. Anna was Vice President of Work Exchange Programs at CIEE, a nonprofit in Portland, Maine.

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Elizabeth Keefe
Associate Consultant

Karla Sordia
Analytics Product Manager

Karena Viehbacher
Business Development Associate

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